All of our products are available for purchase at the farm. We can also ship most items nationwide. We are a small farm without a formal on-line store so to order it's usually best to contact us by email or phone. 

Our award-winning Coopworth fleeces are a handspinner's delight. This long wool breed has a 6 to 8 inch staple length, a well-defined crimp and fine texture. They are available in white or natural color and are sold by the whole fleece which range from 5 to 10 lbs.


Our sheep  are specifically bred to thrive on an all-grass diet without the need for imported grain. They are  well-suited to the Connecticut hills where we raise them entirely on their mother's milk and pesticide-free pastures.  In 2015 we introduced Coopworth sheep, a New Zealand breed known for their natural parasite resistance, superior hardiness and superb fleeces. The result is wholesome and healthy meat without unnecessary additives or hormones. All our meat products are processed locally under USDA certification. We offer both individual packages and bulk quantities.


Our hens are free to range throughout the farm, feeding in the orchard and pastures on bugs and plants. We hatch our own eggs and raise chicks that provide a variety of egg colors: blue, green, cream, white and shades of brown. 

Our handmade felted soaps are
both beautiful and 
functional. They can be used in your kitchen, garden shed, at bathroom sinks or in the shower to scrub away the day’s
dirt. Wool is naturally anti-fungal and 
anti-bacterial, unlike cotton.
We transform it into felt, which is wrapped around a bar of locally made goatmilk soap. The felt gently

exfoliates your skin while cleansing it. The soap lathers up nicely and
the bar lasts well over a month. As the soap shrinks, the wool continues to felt tightly around the soap.  

Felted Soap

 Fleeces for Spinners


Natural sheepskins can be used as rugs or placed on furniture for warmth and comfort. Skins are available  in a variety of sizes and

are machine-washable.

Following our farm’s philosophy of removing unnecessary chemicals from all aspects of our lives, we’ve been testing this detergent recipe for over two years with great results. We think you’ll enjoy the fact that this cleanser is healthier for your skin as well as the earth. We mix bits of goatmilk soap with other natural cleansers to produce a superior laundry soap that can be used in both top loading and high-efficiency front-loading machines. Great for those with skin sensitivity.

Natural Laundry Soap

Lovely yarns for weaving, hand spinning, knitting or crocheting are available by the skein in a range of

colors and weights. As part of our commitment to keeping our business local, all of our wool and alpaca fiber is spun at New England mills. We offer a selection of dyed or natural colors. 



Our pigs are raised outdoors on pasture where they  root naturally through soil for nutrition and are fed conventional feed and vegetables from our garden. Processing the meat is done locally as well and completely under USDA certification. We offer both individual packages or bulk quantities.

Pure Maple Syrup

Perhaps nothing is more evocative of spring than the sound of maple sap dripping into a bucket. We make ours in small batches, using buckets to tap our trees the old-fashioned way and collecting the sap each day during sugaring season in February and March. ​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​

Woolen Blankets

Our luxurious 100% virgin wool blankets, throws, and scarves are made exclusively of fiber from our sheep and other  Connecticut farms. They are spun and woven at small mills in the USA of naturally colored, undyed wool and make wonderful wedding or baby gifts.