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Mayapple Hill is a family farm run by Nick and Linda Pouder and their children in New Milford, Connecticut. On this land, which has been in agricultural use for nearly three centuries, we follow a holistic approach centered on the belief that healthy food can, should, and must be grown without unnecessary chemicals, poisons and pesticides. 


We offer a diverse selection of farm products: grass-fed lamb, pastured pork, fresh eggs, wool, yarn, woolen blankets, sheepskins, natural laundry soap, felted products and other locally produced items. Everything we grow, raise and make promotes simple, natural living by using safe, healthy and effective alternatives to mass-produced agricultural commodities. 

Located in the scenic and fertile valley of the West Aspetuck River, Mayapple Hill was once part of a much larger farm owned in the early 19th century by Orange Merwin, a prominent resident of New Milford, and a member of the United States Congress during the 1820s. His grandson C.P. Merwin expanded the original farmhouse in the 1870s, and constructed many of the barns, which still exist and are used on a daily basis. Purchased in the 1930s by Adam Smyrski, his children farmed it until the 1990s. 


We became the next stewards of this land in 2009, intentionally returning to our farming backgrounds to provide a local alternative to mass-produced industrial food. We raise our sheep and livestock naturally and humanely by following sustainable methods of production. Similarly, our fruit and vegetables are grown without harmful pesticides or additives.

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