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  • Indulge in the ultimate lamb experience with our sampler pack. Our grass-fed lamb is carefully selected to bring you a variety of delicious and flavorful cuts. From hearty shoulder chops to succulent rib chops, flavor-filled shanks, boneless leg, and Denver-style ribs, our pack has it all. These mouth-watering cuts fit in one box and are are raised on our farm, locally processed under USDA inspection, vacuum sealed, and frozen. Don’t miss this opportunity to savor the taste of our high-quality, sustainably-raised lamb. We’ll include our favorite recipes for each cut. 


    Sampler Pack

    (approximate weights)


    Ground Lamb - 3 lbs.

    Shoulder Chops - 3 lbs.

    Loin Chops - 1 lb.

    Rib Chops - 1 lb.

    Shank - 1 lb.

    Boneless Leg - 3 lbs.

    Denver-Style Rib - 2 lbs.

    Grass-Fed Lamb Sampler Pack

    • Farm pick-up only. We will coordinate arrangements with you after purchase.

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