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  • Made in the USA of 100% wool locally grown by Connecticut-raised sheep. Our farm, along with about 30 other farms in the CT Sheep Breeders Association pool our wool to make these special blankets. They are light, soft and very warm. Every year a different pattern is created, using the undyed white and natural gray wool is chosen for the blankets. The shade of colors will vary each year due to brightness of the white and darkness of the natural gray wool that shepherds have contributed. This year, the long throw is the only size available. Scarves may become available soon. Blankets come with a zippered storage bag to keep it protected when not in use. Quantities are limited.

    Pure Wool Blanket - long throw 48x72"

    • These wool blankets can be dry cleaned or machine washed. We recommend machine washing with a wool wash, or gentle soap like Dreft or Woolite using the delicate cycle and cold water. To avoid the wool from felting, a front-loading machine with no center agitator is also suggested. Dry on low or cool tempurature in dryer, or lay out on the grass in sun.

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