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Wool Nesting Ball
  • After shearing, we separate wool from the fleece by grade. Higher grades are destined for yarn, roving and blankets. Lower grade typically has some bits of hay in it. These wool scraps are perfectly suited for nesting balls to benefit the birds in your yard. We stuff the interior of a 5-inch diameter grapevine ball with wool, and keep adding until they are plump and soft on the outer surface. Ribbon is included so it's ready to hang in a tree or near a bird feeder for them to grab some wool for their nests.

    Sheeps' wool is ideal for nesting for several reasons: the natural color is camoflauge to predators, the lanolin in the wool helps repel rainwater from the nest, wool keeps baby birds warm even when it does get wet unlike all other natural fibers. Because wool is naturally anti-fungal and anti-bacterial, the nest is mold and odor resistant for the birds. 

    Wool Nesting Ball


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